Happy First Day of Spring!

Good morning friends! Happy happy SPRING — my second favorite season! In Michigan, spring will sometimes forget to visit but this year seems promising. Let’s hope!

In honor of the season– how lovely are these pink roses from Leo?! –pictured below when they first arrived and two weeks following. They lasted me two weeks!

Let’s discuss flower upkeep 🙂 To keep my blooms lasting as long as possible I follow these simple steps:

  1. Your flowers will typically come with one packet of *flower food – pour it into your preferred vase
  2. Fill the vase about 2/3rds
  3. Pick the leaves from the lower parts of the flower stems so they’re not floating in the water
  4. Cut the stems at an angle before placing them in the vase
  5. Change the water daily
  6. Feed your flowers every other day

*In place of flower food, did you know you can use one tsp bleach, and one tsp sugar? It works! If you are using this method, only use once every five days.





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