Cheers, Weekend!

Cheers, Weekend! We love you. Right, folks?!

I don’t know about you, friend, but this has been one heck of a week in my world. Putting in crazy-hour workdays and traveling from Chicago to Atlanta, I’ve been busy! So blessed to have a great career that takes me to gorg cities and gives me coworkers I love. 🙂

Here’s some of my favorites of the drinks I indulged in while in Chicago. Make sure to grab some next time you’re in the windy city!

Photo Mar 27, 12 07 35 PM
Well of course, we had to start with my favorite drink! You knew that, right?
Photo Mar 27, 12 06 56 PM
Chicago’s Kanela’s makes a fantastic banana pancake and compliments it so well with their to-die-for coffee!
Photo Mar 27, 12 08 20 PM
Try the rosé sangria at Fig & Olive if you want a soothing freshness for a relaxing night
Photo Mar 31, 5 50 12 PM
Pre-dinner drinks at Tavern on Rush — how yum!
Photo Mar 31, 5 54 05 PM (1)
Thinking of a caption to tie pizza to drinks is too hard; so I just had to share this because, well…pizza! ❤ Giordano’s is really every bit as good as they say!

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