Chicago History Museum!

Leo and I loved our trip to the Chicago History Museum last Sunday. The windy city is rich with history and home to plenty of beautiful displays and captivating stories. I’ve too many favorites to share here but I have included some for you! Consider them a preview to your live visit — because it’s a definite recommendation that you go!

Photo Mar 31, 9 12 16 PM (1)
Onboard The Freedom Train – literally and figuratively ❤


Photo Mar 31, 9 02 00 PM
The story of this piano made me so emotional. In August, 1932, Mr. Thomas Dorsey lost his wife, and soon thereafter, his infant son, Thomas Jr. Out of his despair, he penned the hymn, “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” and from then on, he was a dedicated Gospel musician. The Father of Gospel Music was born of surrendered tragedy.
Photo Mar 31, 9 11 28 PM
Of course I love the “Glass kerosen lamp with gilt FLORAL decoration. c 1890”. And can we discuss the 70,000 dimes of which this gorgeous tribute is made? It’s called the Dewy Cub, made in honor of Admiral Dewey.
Photo Mar 31, 8 58 05 PM
How gorgeous is this stunning chandelier hanging in the Lincoln section of the Chicago History Museum?!






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