“The First American Couturier”

So Chicago History Museum has an exhibit named Making Mainbocher: The First American Couturier. I mean… [giddy face]… well I loved it! As mentioned on their site, it “features thirty garments, fashion illustrations, and photography and explores the designer’s remarkable journey from his humble roots on Chicago’s West Side to the salons of Paris and New York.”

Pictured below are some of my favorite items — still stylish in today’s fashion world! Can someone teach me how to sew and help me make these. It’s kind of necessary.

Photo Mar 31, 9 04 27 PM

Photo Mar 31, 9 03 30 PM
Told you I was giddy.
Photo Mar 31, 9 07 06 PM
Okay, so honestly, I love these. And not to be pretentious — but I fully agree with this fashion legend’s thoughts as photographed in the above museum notes which they matched with the numbered exhibits. I hope you can read them! If not, comment below and I’ll write them out for ya! Note: (again, not to be pretentious) – it’s the one [only] to the left in the far left column that I like of those two… ha 😉

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