Delays: Averted

Ah, I’m sorry for being so delayed in posting! — ugh, I’ve begun to feel very negatively about that word. So yesterday, I spent from 8a-11:30p in Atlanta’s airport…correct, you read that right. Weather delays had my plane boarding an hour late, me waiting for takeoff in it for two hours, deplaning, and then waiting in line for literally hours to get reassigned! …only to find my new flight canceled by the end of the night. Fun! <–Favorite F word has some good placement here. :p

I transferred to the first available flight today and now this one has been delayed twice. And counting. We were supposed to board 14 minutes ago.

So I thought I’d control the one delay I could: hi folks! 🙂 I’m here!

Let’s focus on some [actually] fun topics — like hanging out Tuesday night with one of my brothers who lives here, and my cousin who randomly happened to be in town! Look at these handsome guys! My friend Whitney joined us too! Scroll through for some awesome Atlanta highlights and today’s fashion tips!

Photo Apr 04, 11 20 40 PM
South City Kitchen’s take on oysters: yum!
Photo Apr 05, 12 04 56 AM
Wanna laugh? I literally commented, “Oh, these look like croutons!” [touch them; burn myself; yelp!] –Ensues: boys crack up. (I was only drinking coffee. Honest.)
Photo Apr 05, 12 14 55 AM
We all ended up in blues and greys and whites…transition colors between seasons! Love this floor-length sweater I found at Francescas! Paired with scalloped white shorts and a deep-vee-neck b&w striped body suit, it acts as a statement piece! Pull your hair back and it’s a classy and breezy look!
Photo Apr 04, 11 20 27 PM
Cheers, Atlanta, it’s been…great. Sorry for the delay.



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