National Siblings [Week]

So in honor of National Siblings week (yes, “week”, I have five!), I thought I’d throw it back to our cruise from February! My brother (who’s been my bestie since birth) and I spent an excursion day in the Grand Cayman! The rest of our group weren’t interested in the dolphin excursion for which he and I had signed up, so it was just us siblings spending the day swimming with dolphins and doing some exploring.

Scroll through for some fun sights, fashion tips, and great drink ideas!

Yum! We loved this “Maca goes Banana” drink :: Bailey’s, Banana Liqueur, Pina Colada, Banana 8
You couldn’t help but feel the stress draining from your pores at this chill tiki bar
How incredible are these colors?! So behind me is a diving site  – the “South Wall”, dropping 26,000 (what!) feet deep into the “Cayman Trench”  ~~~~ How fun is this light-weight green romper? I wore it over my netted swim top for an easy-breezy look. I got it from Lulu’s – check them out for quality styles at great prices!


Omg, this was amazing — so this is me holding on to my board while our designated sweetheart of a dolphin, Darwin, propelled me forward from the bottom of my feet!
Is he smiling? I think so!
Love dutch braids for the sake of taming those flyaway bangs that never sit right when wet! I kept this one tight for optimal security – haha, who wants their mane out of control in perfect photo ops?!
Loved this guy

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