Not to be sappy, but it’s true — my honey and I love the honeysuckle tree best of all. Also, I’m a flower lover, so I can say this — you know how some flowers just kinda smell like funerals? 😦 One of the reasons we love this one so is because it’s just SUCH a cheerful and enticing scent!

A contributing factor in this love affair of ours (with the flower!) is that when we first started dating, we’d spend hours walking downtown Ann Arbor, always making our way through UofM’s central campus’ Diag, where these honeys bloom aplenty. It was my heaven. Still is.

Here are some photos of the ones that danced for us yesterday!

Fun fact: did you know that people used to think that honeysuckle flowers would bring happy dreams to the dreamer who placed them beneath their pillows? To this day, manufacturers use them in herbal pillows! 


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