Sunday Lovin’

Hi there friends! I hope you’ve been having a lazy lovin’ kinda Sunday. My friend Tiffy and I made our way downtown A2 for some amazing brunch and a lovely walk.

It’s important to have a friend who understands your life path and often walks along it with you — Tiff’s that girl for me; we seem to have traversed the same journey since we met years ago. We started dating our husbands at the same time, got engaged fairly close to each other, and got married only two weeks apart!

She’s coming up on her one-year wedding anniversary next month, on May 14th, and Leo and I will be reaching ours on the 29th of May. We can’t wait!

And now we find ourselves having begun our respective blogs together too! Visit her here

Scroll through for some of today’s favorite A2 places as well as some Sunday accessorizing details. Today’s post features all three of the Dreaming in Rose Gold blog favs: fashion, flowers, and fun!

(And stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts where I’ll be sharing full outfit details with which I paired these fun accessories!)

accessory details
I love thee comfy Lucky Brand ballet flats. I can walk for hours in these padded pretties! Leo gave me this gorgeous MK bag for Christmas two years ago. The bracelet is Lulu’s, the earrings and choker necklace Francesca’s and that pretty watch was an amazing steal I bought from Macy’s just yesterday! It was under $40!
pink and blue sky
I couldn’t get over the awesome pink of this flowered tree against today’s blue, blue sky. This was across the street from Ann Arbor’s Michigan Law Library.
Photo Apr 23, 4 16 12 PM
This is one of my favorite Bible verses – Jeremiah 29:11 – I caught a glimpse of it etched into a tree as I walked through Ann Arbor’s Diag and had to snap a photo. Warmed my heart.
watch and cafe felix
YUM! I have never had a better crepe. This nutella/cherry cream/banana wonder is courtesy of Ann Arbor’s famed Cafe Felix – it’s always been one of my favorite downtown restaurants. Go!

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