A Lazy Kinda Lovely

What do you wear when it’s Spring and you’re attending an evening concert on a mid-week night? Outcry was the destination of choice for myself and my sisters Tuesday night and I wanted something understated but lovely. Queue these comfy light pink jeans paired with this breezy sleeveless sweater…and of course, this jean jacket staple in my closet, because: Anthro! If you ask me, an Anthropologie piece of clothing takes any outfit to another level of lovely.

Photo Apr 26, 12 08 55 PM.jpg

I abide by the theory of using just one or two statement pieces with a simple outfit to capture a look that reflects “effortlessly-lovely”. Mix basic colors with a “louder” one like my jeans, to express a classy style with a splash of pizazz. 🙂

Scroll to the bottom to shop similar pieces!

Photo Apr 25, 6 16 07 PM
How cool is this alley?! It’s Liberty Street’s own little claim to fame, tucked deep within the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, near State Street, where you’ll find the Michigan theater. It serves as a hot-spot for local musicians and touristy out-of-towners. Quotes and graffiti ranging from silly and simple to beautiful and poignant decorate the walls. 

Photo Apr 25, 11 47 30 PM

Top: shop similar style here and here

Jeans: shop similar style here, here and here


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