All About These Bountiful Blues

Good morning!! 🙂

Guys, are these blues incredible or what? There isn’t a single filter on any of these photos. I’m in love — I fell in love as soon as I laid eyes on these beauties!

Hydrangeas were actually my wedding flower as well – not in this color – but I love their fullness and femininity.

I went a little haywire snapping photos of them but can you blame me??

So! Little tip for placing hydrangeas in all their bountiful glory into a vase without letting them look unruly (ha!) :: rubber-band them! I placed a rubber-band right beneath the blooms and another at the bottom.

If you don’t have any rubber-bands in the house, use a mini hair tie!

It keeps them looking perky and flush! …can we just get back to staring now?

Photo May 09, 8 46 55 PMPhoto May 09, 8 48 32 PM

They look a bit different in the sunlight than they do indoors under light bulbs; which explains the difference in the cover photo and this one…but I love both perspectives!

Cheers, friends — happy flower highs! 😉

Photo May 09, 8 55 07 PM

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