Kiss Me

Hi hi! I posted regarding this outfit a little while back so I’m sorry to bore you with it once more, but today’s post is in regard to this alley! How fun is the graffiti here?



Some cute high-schoolers even proposed prom to their other here too. 🙂

Photo May 07, 5 52 17 PM.jpg

How cute is that, right? 🙂

I love periodically walking through this alley. The graffiti is ever-changing and strikes me differently every time. Art is beauty if you ask me – in its many distinct forms. Tells you so much about a person’s insides, and I’m a believer in every person having unique beauty, somewhere inside themselves… so if you encounter anyone angry, difficult, or brash today, or displaying any kind of ugliness: think about that. And send up a prayer that they’ll find an outlet for the art inside themselves…I hope they let enough of it out until they reach those buried layers of beauty within. ❤

Cheers, friends, don’t forget to spread some love today! 🙂

(if you missed these outfit details in my earlier post, you can find them here)

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