Black Tie Fab

Ah, can someone please invent a “rewind” button for life?! It was so much fun spending our weekend with the fam. My brother and sister-in-law were in from out-of-town for a family wedding and all we did was eat and dance and laugh all weekend.

Saturday night was at the classy Country Club of Detroit and the grounds were just lovely!

These are my people. Brother is to your far left, his wife next to him; my kid sister is in yellow, kid brother next to her; and then comes myself, before Leo. ❤

The older we all get, the more we appreciate our moments together. With the kids in college, Leo’s and my calendar booked up tight with our busy careers, and some of my siblings living out of town, we don’t get to enjoy as much time all in one place.  Yes, you read that right (ha!) — I have more siblings than these. There are six of us before counting the added siblings through marriage 🙂 Haha, hashtag: tribe.

Typically, no one will ever have a built-in understanding of you the way your siblings will — you share the same DNA, many of the same experiences, the same upbringing, and the same innate level of loyalty towards and care for all that you share. Your goals are oftentimes shaped by the same past — though your goals and therefore your futures may be drastically different, your passions are birthed from the same place.

That is what makes it so easy to find never-ending familiarity within your little community, no matter how different your current lives and paths may be.

And here are my sisters and me with Mama

And my best photo for last — this gorgeous guy takes my life to the next level of beautiful. I am so grateful for him, for his loving heart… Coming from such a big and loving family, it’s no small walk in the park to provide a girl like me with a fulfilling family atmosphere. But this guy 🙂 he takes “family” to a whole other sphere for me. Grateful I get to be attached to him for the rest of our lives.

Grateful! My fancy Franco

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