Hey loves!

So I get to have tomorrow off – yay! This is the last day of my work week. I thought I’d go into this story positively, hehe – but the truth of the matter is tomorrow is a day off because I’m having four wisdom teeth surgically removed – joy!

Suffice it to say, you won’t be seeing any current photos of me this weekend ha – I hear I’ll be bruised and swollen (whelp!).

Anyway, my home will be my oasis for the weekend, and I’m grateful that I love my home — hopefully my hubby will keep it stocked with bright and happy flowers 😉 — he always does!

I think I’ll go shopping for a nice welcome mat for my front door, and maybe some more pretty and bright flowers to decorate the porch and balcony! Summer is coming and can you tell I’m excited — I thought I’d entice it closer with this bright yellow top I found at Pitaya last summer. 🙂 How fun is its string-tie back?

I loved the gladiator style sandal that decorated all of last summer and I’m so glad they’ve kept up the style this year – because, let’s be honest: I would’ve maintained it on my own had not the fashion-powers-that-be done so. 😉  #trendsetter #nonconformist #illquithashtaggingnow

Let’s get to the fun part — scroll to the bottom for some links to similar styles and have fun shopping! 🙂

Photo May 17, 5 29 46 PMPhoto May 17, 5 37 32 PM

Shop similar fashion pieces:

I got my yellow top from Pitaya boutique, but how fun is this one — I’d recommend wearing it over an Aerie or PINK bra with a thick and lacy back.

I picked out this fun and quirky necklace from some boutique I can’t remember [sigh] but you can find other cute styles here and here.

I purchased that pretty watch and the shoes from Francesca’s; shop similar styles here and here,

Happy shopping, friends!







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