Ann Arbor Love

My pretty Cali friend, Lindsey, came for a visit a couple of nights ago – we have the best times together and always find ourselves laughing our faces off together.

A walk downtown and unplanned matching outfits inspired an impromptu photo shoot by our cute hubbies.

Sometimes, you make a friend at a young age and you can’t help but turn into that college-aged young girl when you reunite. I love the friendships that do that for me — and this is certainly one. Take for example these smiles in this throwback from close to ten years ago – love her!


That photo, if I remember correctly, was a selfie; last night, however, we had hubbies who made us laugh with their “There it is! Work it girls! Thaaat’s it. Love that!” comments as they snapped away. I think they may have had just as much fun as we did.

But really though, how cute are the outfits together? The shoes and sweaters make them match and I promise we shared no memo, ha! Look out for tomorrow’s post if you want to shop similar outfit deets! 🙂

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Also, can I just share one little secret — one thing about blogging that I’ve found slightly rattling is posing by myself. It kinda feels unnerving! So shooting with a friend felt like heaven — natural, fun, and so exciting to know we’d have stills of the great memories we always make.

So cheers, friends! Call up a bestie and make sure to share some giggles this weekend 🙂 and a bubble tea if you love it as much as this one and I do! 😉


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