Anniversary Weekend Adventures

Hi friends!

Have you ever been to Grand Rapids? It’s known as one of the largest cities in Michigan – second only to Detroit. And it’s beautiful!

We wanted to get away for our anniversary weekend and I was so happy Leo picked Grand Rapids!

Our favorite place there was the Frederick Meijer Botanical Gardens. I was in flower heaven! We loved it there – check back tomorrow for the gorgeous shots I captured from our visit there!

And if you’re ever in Grand Rapids, make sure you visit the nearby beaches. We went to Holland State Parks for the day and how lovely it was… felt so good to bury our toes in the sand and walk along the pier…

Downtown Grand Rapids is also such a grand time — be sure to try their signature Madcap coffee and eat at San Chez Bistro tapas restaurant – yum!

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We were so grateful the weather held up for us — it had been forecast to be rainy and stormy but instead we were blessed with sunshine, warmth, and outdoor seating! 😉

We checked out their famed Blue Bridge and loved the scenic view from it, as well as of it. 🙂

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So bottom line — go to Grand Rapids. Such a relaxing and happy getaway. Check back tomorrow for my favorite pictures of the trip — taken at the Frederick Meijer Botanical Gardens. They are magical!



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