Summer Reads

Mornin’ friends! HAPPY FriYAY!

Last weekend I finally got the chance to lay out in the sun and do some reading – glorious. I thought I’d share some of the books I’ve devoured in the last few weeks in case anyone could use some recommendations for books to enjoy on this long weekend. Comment on my post if you have any recommendations for me too – I love suggestions!

Let’s start with my most recently completed one:


The Handmaid’s Tale was written years ago and just recently brought to life through a Hulu original series. It is riveting and disturbing and definitely worth the read. What a thought-provoking perspective it offers! Read it through the eyes of a feminist or read it through the eyes of a traditionalist or read it through the eyes of a neutral and you will consume the same message – that’s how strong its message comes through. Author Margaret Atwood wrote a forward for it just this year – don’t skip it! Read every page 🙂 I encourage this because I’m the culprit that often skips the forwards but this one – just don’t.

Mary Kubica is my next featured author. Her mystery Don’t You Cry keeps you guessing (cliche phraseology from me, I’m aware – but it’s true!) – it’s a page turner and let’s just put it this way: I read it during the spring on flights and in between work trips and over the duration of a month and no matter how many days lapsed between sittings, I did not lose interest. It’s written mainly from two different character perspectives and the way their tales come together is clever and beautiful and great writing.


Lastly, we have The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman — I cannot wait to read this! Haven’t yet and learned of it through the previews of the movie made just this year! I love reading books before watching the movies that they inspire and this one looks fantastic and touching. Just grabbed it from B&N last week and can’t wait to begin reading it.

Photo Jun 30, 9 58 13 AM

Happy summer reading, folks 🙂

Photo Jun 25, 11 56 21 AM



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