DIA Blue

Hi! Happy Monday — today’s my favorite kind bc it’s a HALF-DAY before a holiday 🙂 I mean how much better can a Monday get?! 🙂

In honor of our beautiful red, white and blue love this weekend, I thought I’d start with the latter of the three – blue! Friday night was a cool and rainy one and Leo and I thought the perfect way to kick off the weekend was with a visit to one of our favorite locales: the grand DIA. How I love our Detroit Institute of Arts. I could spend hours just soaking in their art.

Also: rain is so romantic in my estimation and the DIA, the beginning of a holiday weekend and my man? Recipe for success.


What I dub the DIA’s “red room” is my favorite — I wish they’d install a little reading nook with my name on it so I can go there to spend hours in thought, in reading, or in writing – really in whatever incredible state of mind I’m sure to be in, surrounded by such stunning historical art. LOVE!


So I know that’s a crazy thought! But hey — a girl can dream. 😉

Scroll to the bottom for my outfit details (another fun piece under $15! Because I thought I’d stick with the $15 theme of my last few posts, ha!)

Hope you’re enjoying your Independence Day weekend, friends 🙂 Cheers!

Townhouse Detroit

Outfit details —

This fun top, perfect for more chilly summer nights, is another Francesca’s steal from their “sale on sale” — still in stock here.

And those gorgeous Marc Fisher shoes? I promise they were under $17 when I purchased them last Autumn on Macy‘s clearance — I shopped them for ya, and while mine are sold out, here are a couple of Marc Fisher sale shoes — this in a shade of blue and this one closer to my style in black!

Happy shopping!


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